Let’s fight hunger

Today, more than a quarter of the people globally do not have enough to eat. Hunger has become a serious issue to address particularly in poor countries. The total number of undernourished has been increasing for several years in a row. In Lesotho, almost three quarter of the population is either poor or vulnerable. These statistics urge immediate and constant action for our society to do better with food and nutrition.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, families have experienced limited social interaction opportunities, bringing more hardship on already impoverished communities. Children City Foundation (CCF) regularly works with programs that support poor children and their families. In December 2021, CCF distributed food and hygiene items in various communities in Lesotho. The generosity of our partners helped us put smiles on many families.

Special thanks to our donors who continuously support our mission. To donate and make impact, visit our website; childrencityfoundation.com or email us at info@childrencityfoundation.org.

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