August 2021 Project in Leribe, Lesotho

Residents in Leribe district, Lesotho know their hopes and dreams for their neighborhoods. Some of their hopes include safe streets, homes, a park for kids to play and schools where children can thrive. Despite this recognition, primary school enrollment rate in the community is low. Among contributing factors are insufficient resources, poor infrastructure, household responsibilities and community perceptions.

Children City Foundation (CCF) framework focuses on basic education needs. Our team worked with Ikhetheleng Primary school to identify and address some of these needs where feasible. We discovered children of different grades were placed in one classroom due to limited number of classroom in the school. In some classrooms there were no chairs and tables for students to sit on.

In August 2021, CCF donated chairs and desks to Ikhetheleng Primary school. Both the teachers and pupils were pleased to come to the new arrangement after their winter break. The principal was very thankful and mentioned that this will have an impact on many more pupils in the coming years.

This is one among many challenges children face within this community. CCF continues to focus on the overall wellbeing of children. To donate or volunteer in our projects please email us;

2 responses to “August 2021 Project in Leribe, Lesotho”

  1. Nyoka Francis Thonts'a Avatar
    Nyoka Francis Thonts’a

    Ke ea ba lebohela bana bohle ba ikhetheleng and Ke re ha e sise! Thwarang joalo bana beso!
    Le nne Le tswelepele ho thusa!
    Ke lebohele Le matichere ka ho etsa joalo a tla tlohela ho bona masisa pelo Le mosebetsi o tla nolofala!


  2. Nyoka Francis Thonts'a Avatar
    Nyoka Francis Thonts’a

    I would like to deliver my tons of thanks to you on behalf of ikhetheleng teachers and pupils!
    You have changed lives by so doing and I pray that you keep on providing a helping hand wherever you see the need!
    I am speechless coz it is the second time a see CCF helping Basotho! The previous Christmas some families were bought the grocery at my community and am very proud of you!
    Keep it up!


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