Return to classrooms

Children are not the face of Covid-19 pandemic but they risk being among its biggest victims. In the past year till date children lives have being changed in profound ways. As families lose their sources of income, more households were pushed into poverty. For the poorest families, including those who do not have access to social protection, the situation is harrowing. The harmful effect of COVID-19 has been devastating among those already disadvantaged or in vulnerable situations.

Wearing masks, social distancing and lockdowns have been part of the mitigating measures used to curtail the virus. Unfortunately this has increased economic stress in vulnerable households which in turn increases domestic violence, child abuse and neglect. Child protection services have also been weakened due to implement measures of control in spread of the virus. When schools and other support systems are closed many children are prevented access to what they need to survive and thrive.

In Lesotho in-person learning is gradually resuming for most schools. CCF has partnered with various schools towards ensuring safe return to classrooms. We are assisting in provision of lunch meals, masks and hand sanitizers to help minimize the spread. The slow spread of Covid-19 depends on an entire communities efforts. If the spread is controlled schools can remain open and children can continue to thrive.

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