Holidays 2020

The year 2020 was a difficult and challenging year globally due to Covid-19. Sub-saharan African was not left out. While the region is battling with myriad of problems, Covid-19 wreck lots of havoc, hence pushing the region further into hunger and poverty. Children City Foundation (CCF) catered for needs of the most vulnerable population in Southern Africa and Nigeria during the holidays in 2020.

The CCF partnered with other groups in Koster, South Africa; Botha Botha, Lesotho and Lagos, Nigeria. Food and hygiene products were distributed to vulnerable families in these areas. The needs are enormous, nevertheless CCF tried to do the little we can to put smile on the faces of families in these communities. One of the families said: “this will be different holidays, we will not have to go around the community to ask for food”. 

CCF will continue to make a difference where it can. There are projects planned for 2021, hoping to make more positive impact in these impoverished communities. To participate in our projects visit our Give page on the website and see various ways you can touch a life wherever you are around the world. 

Some of our volunteers and families

Best wishes for 2021!

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