August 2021 Project in Leribe, Lesotho

Residents in Leribe district, Lesotho know their hopes and dreams for their neighborhoods. Some of their hopes include safe streets, homes, a park for kids to play and schools where children can thrive. Despite this recognition, primary school enrollment rate in the community is low. Among contributing factors are insufficient resources, poor infrastructure, household responsibilitiesContinue reading “August 2021 Project in Leribe, Lesotho”

Holidays 2020

The year 2020 was a difficult and challenging year globally due to Covid-19. Sub-saharan African was not left out. While the region is battling with myriad of problems, Covid-19 wreck lots of havoc, hence pushing the region further into hunger and poverty. Children City Foundation (CCF) catered for needs of the most vulnerable population inContinue reading “Holidays 2020”